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Instagram Ads

Instagram, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms, has a user base of more than 400 million. You can achieve a high interaction rate for your products and services by publishing ads for your brand on Instagram. With your Instagram ads, your product and service can easily reach the relevant audiences in line with your budget and target. By promoting your products and services on Instagram, which has similar features to Facebook ads, you can increase your awareness, increase the traffic of your websites, and get significant feedback on sales.

It is possible to view videos, images and several images by scrolling on Instagram, which has 4 basic advertising models: Carousel and Stories. As Mysoftworlds, we create the most accurate advertising strategies for your business to reach its target in a short time. By bringing together the right target audience at the right time, we increase the interaction rate of your site in a short time.

Story Ads
You can complete your feed content in Instagram Stories. In this way, you can interact with more than 400 million accounts using stories.

Photo Ads
You can use square or horizontal format photographs in your story that you can tell on a plain, simple and eye-catching canvas.

Video Ads
By combining the power of sound and motion, you can benefit from the immersive visual quality of photo ads. You can also publish videos up to 60 seconds in landscape or square format.

Carousel Ads
To add depth to your campaigns, you can add a new layer that allows you to see more photos or videos in a single ad via finger swipe.

Collection Ads
You can enable your target audience to discover, review and purchase products by using the collection format. With collection ads that allow using video, images, or both, you can create a holistic story that suits both the product and your audience’s lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Instagram Ads Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before starting Instagram advertising work with Mysoftworlds. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers so that you do not make wrong decisions during the advertising process.
What are the types of targeting on Instagram?

Targeting types on Instagram are grouped under several subheadings. You can use certain parameters based on location, such as provinces, cities or countries, and narrow down your target audience based on demographic information such as age, gender and languages. You can reach your target audience more easily within the scope of their interests and define your target audience according to their actions on Instagram, Facebook and other places. However, you can reach a target audience that may be interested in your business faster by using automatic targeting, using various signals such as location, demographic information and interests.

How can I advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ads are also published with the Power Editor advertising tool used for Facebook.
Where do my Instagram ads run?

Your Instagram ads you publish are displayed on the Instagram feed of your targeted audience, along with images and videos shared by other Instagram accounts they follow, with a sponsored tag under their profile name.

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