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It is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

First of all, the search engine is where users search the internet with words and phrases to find the content they want. SEO is to bring the website to the top of the desired words in the search engine. In this way, the website gains an important status. It is very important for the website to appear on the first page at the top of its field. The more visitors the website receives, the better the situation is for that site. This is especially important for e-commerce sites. SEO is search engine optimization for the site, that is, the work done to make that site stand out. These are technical regulations that enable search engines to find web pages more easily. Thanks to successful SEO, the website ranks higher and the number of visitors increases, thus the customer potential increases.


On-site SEO is software work done to help search engines find the pages, that is, the contents and the image and text links presented to the visitors of the site, faster and easier. On-site SEO is of great importance for the website as it affects the content of the website, optimizes them according to the search engine and brings them to the search engine faster. SEO for the site is a very effective method to make the site stand out.tar.


Off-site SEO refers to user-oriented work to ensure that a website ranks higher in search engines. It includes keyword backlink studies, leaving open URLs, comments, providing information with sectoral articles and all company promotion activities carried out to ensure that sectoral customers visit the website through different sources outside the site. Well; Blogs, social media channels, forums, dictionaries, news sites, video platforms, PDF document adding and sharing sites that provide broadcasting services on the internet, as well as all media such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard, etc., all prepared with company name, product/services, keywords and slogans. Advertising and promotional activities are called off-site SEO.r.

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