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Google Adwords Ads

Adwords, owned by Google, is one of the important platforms preferred to attract relevant users to your website. While Adwords allows you to benefit from millions of searches made every day on Google, it also shows you at the top of relevant search results on Google by creating various campaigns and advertisements for your brand or business.

Thanks to Adwords, you can target your product not only in the search results, but also on sites related to your product, and have your ads displayed on those sites as well. Additionally, you can target national news sites and real estate news sites with Adwords. Adwords was developed to help you acquire new customers for your brand or business online.

When users who need your product or service search, Adwords helps you create ads that target them when they are ready to buy. For your company, online customers choose whether or not to click on your ad that appears while searching for your product.

How Does Google Adwords Work?
When you do a search on Google, thousands of sites related to that word come up. However, it is not easy to get listed on the first page among thousands of sites. In this case, Adwords ads play a role.

With Google Adwords, your site is moved to the top in searches. With Adwords ads, your brand or business is seen by many potential customers. In addition, Adwords also allows you to choose when and where your ads appear.

Frequently Asked ADS Ads Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before you start working on Google Adwords with Mysoftworlds. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers so that you do not make wrong decisions during the advertising process.
Is demographic targeting possible in Adwords ads?

It is possible to target age, gender and parental status in Google Adwords advertising studies.

Is country or region targeting possible?

It is possible to target countries, regions and cities in Google Adwords ads. While making these targets, you can also choose a radius of your own points on the map.

What is the difference between search and display ad models?

Google Search ads, known as the search network, aim to reach your potential customers through keywords related to your business and services. Ads published on this network are published simultaneously in the form of text ads on Search network partner sites in the search network and in Google search results. Display ads, on the other hand, are published on a group of more than 2 million websites, videos and applications. In display ads, unlike search ads, people see the ads without searching.

How to place Google Shopping ads?

Google shopping ads provide detailed information about the products you are selling. Shopping ads can generally include product shopping ads that promote only a single product or window shopping ads that promote several products together. To prepare shopping ads, product information is prepared in Google Merchant Center and shopping campaigns are created in Google Adwords.

How are Adwords advertising budgets determined?

It is possible to choose a daily budget for each campaign in Google Adwords, depending on the advertising goals and the general amount you see fit to spend each day. This budget can be changed at any time if desired. Campaign and targeting types should be taken into consideration when determining the Adwords advertising budget.

What are GDN ads?

GDN ads are the short form of Google Display Network. Google Display Network, which refers to display ads published on Google Adsense contracted websites, is a group consisting of more than 2 million websites, videos and applications.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, which means remarketing, means reaching out to users who have previously interacted with your website or mobile application. Remarketing allows you to strategically position your ads to audiences browsing Google or partner websites. In this way, brand awareness increases and the purchasing process of the masses becomes more practical and accelerates.

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